Our Story

Keystone-West, Inc. was formed with the purpose of providing highly skilled Intelligence Operators and formally trained Department of Defense (DoD) Test and Evaluation (T&E) Subject Matter Experts (SME) to our customers.  Our specialists bring decades of experience supporting the warfighter and Government customers across multiple agencies.


Our company name was adopted from the Masonry Keystone used as the main locking stone in archways, allowing it to bear weight.  It is the center piece and is used to hold the structure together.  Figuratively, Keystone West can be depended upon to support your organization.  Our corporate goal is to bring your organization SME support that will be the basis from which to bear the weight of your problem set and build solutions...like the Keystone.


Our specialists hold numerous credentials, degrees and security clearances across multiple agencies.  We are proud to have an extremely competitive benefits structure for our employees which provides for retention as well as a family environment within Keystone West.  Our employees recognize corporate management works daily to ensure coming to work gives them a sense of pride along with job satisfaction.