Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer Holland , CEO


Bachelor of Science, Political Science


Post graduation, Jennifer served on board the Amphibious Assault Ship, USS IWO JIMA. During this time, she served in multiple officer positions, including Surface Warfare Qual Officer; Officer of the Deck Qual; Search and Rescue Swimmer Officer; and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Officer. Following her tour on the USS IWO JIMA, she served at the Military Sealift Command as the Assistant Operations Officer in Staff Planning for Ships, Outports and Hurricane Readiness. As an advocate for the service men and women serving alongside her, Jennifer also acted as the Sexual Assualt Prevention Readiness Officer onboard her ship.



Jennifer grew up in a home of military and Department of Defense (DoD) veterans—as her mother, father, and both grandfathers were members of the IC—and ultimately entered the “family business” of supporting her country.   In addition to her military service, Jennifer is an avid soccer and lacrosse player, having played all four years at both St. Mary's and the Naval Academy. Her commitment, passion, and drive were not only apparent on the deckplates, but also on the field, as she was named Captain, Most Valuable Player (MVP), and All-State/County at St. Mary's, and letter winner in both sports while at the Naval Academy.  Jennifer also met her husband Jake Holland while at the Naval Academy with whom she now has two children.

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