FEDMALL: KSW is providing SME Test and Evaluation support to U.S. Information Technologies Corporation (USIT)/Partnet. This support includes quality assurance of agile developments and sustainment operations for new releases.

TUNABLE: KSW is working with this customer to provide System Architecture support, System Engineering, Service Integration for cloud-based and data services, and outreach and training for IC-GovCloud services and capabilities. Additionally, we're conducting Standards Analysis, Data Conditioning, and Ingest Support for this National Capital Region customer.

Enterprise Systems Engineering Architecture (ESEA) II: KSW is providing SME Test and Evaluation and System Integration support to the Net Centric Capabilities PMO. This support includes mitigation of risk during the program's incremental development by advising the PMO on best practices and protocols of Test Evaluation and System Integration.

Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) Information Technology (IT) IDIQ: KSW is an active teammate on the potential 5 year, $245M contract to provide engineering and technical services to the NRL's IT Division.

SEAPORT-E: KSW is an active teammate on this contract and is actively reviewing Task Orders daily in search of opportunities that fit our core competencies.