Test and Evaluation

Keystone West can be depended on to develop and tailor Test and Evaluation strategies to meet customer needs.  Our team brings years of multi-discipline experience covering Operational, Developmental, Interoperability, and Cybersecurity testing.  Additionally, our experts maintain a  comprehensive understanding of the latest Department of Defense policies and regulations to ensure test requirements both align with and support all program schedules within the acquisition cycle.

  • Data collection and analysis

  • Test Instrumentation Development

  • Embedded Test Tools

  • Test Safety and Risk Assessment

  • Enterprise Services Testing

  • Joint Interoperability Test and Evaluation Services

  • Development of T&E Master Plans

  • Tailoring T&E strategies to meet customer needs

  • Creation of development and operational T&E test plans

  • System integration and testing of hardware and software solutions

  • Security testing to include certification and accreditation support